COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION IN PAKISTAN Steps involved in Copyright registration In Pakistan

What is Copy right?

Copyright is a legal instrument that provides the creator of a work of art or literature, or a work that conveys information or ideas, the right to control how the work is used. The intent of copyright is to advance the progress of knowledge by giving an author of a work an economic incentive to create new works.

  1. Procedure/ Stages in registration process of Copyright.
  • Application is filed
  • After initial examination a copyright number is allotted to application
  • Logo/Artistic work is published in copyright journal to invite oppositions if no

Copyright opposition/objection is received with in prescribed Time period; artistic work/log is accepted for further proceedings

  • Furthermore examiner of copyright examine the logo/artistic work by legal point Of view and raised objection under the relevant legal provisions of copyright Ordinance along with direction to get published/advertise his logo/artistic work in Reputed national news paper.
  • As attorney receives copyright objection letter, he prepared reply of objections accordingly and made arrangement to get published artistic work/logo. And submit the reply of objection along with three copies of news paper in which artistic work/logo is published.

Our IP team has a great deal of experience in advising clients in relation to copyright

We advise clients in relation to domestic  copyright laws  under the  Copyright ordinance 1962. We also regularly advise clients in relation to copyright in computer software both on a contentious and non-contentious basis.

Our Copyright services include

  • Preparing ,Filling and prosecuting of applications
  • Internet dispute relating to copyright
  • Infringement actions
  • Unfair competition and related matters
  • Advising your business on the creation of new materials in order for them to qualify for copyright protection.
  • Advising your business on complex copyright matters involving public performance and the reuse of copyright protected works.
  • Ensuring that specialist and valuable materials, such as software, are protected.
  • Investigating historical and international copyright claims.

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