What do major copyright changes mean for internet freedom?

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The European parliament approved the largest, and most contentious, overhaul of copyright legislation in two decades on Monday. When the directive comes into effect, it will be the biggest change to internet regulation since General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The copyright changes are best known because of their two most controversial clauses, articles 11 and 13, which […]

German Court bans rim manufacturer from imitating famous automotive trade marks

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Car manufacturer BMW prevails against the Finland-based rim manufacturer Vannetukku.fi Oy using signs similar to world-famous automotive trademarks of BMW for car parts (Decision of the Regional Court of Frankfurt/Main, case No 2-06 O 169/17, 28 January 2019). Car manufacturer BMW claims that Vannetukku has infringed BMW’s trademark “BMW” Logo by using the logo “Blaukreuz” […]