Protecting Intellectual Property Against Cyber Attack

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Intellectual property (IP) covers a wide variety of corporate capital, including customer information, business plans, trade secrets, creative work products such as scripts, and proprietary software or hardware. Hackers, corporate competitors and nation states are all potential IP thieves. Scripts and video from the hugely popular Game of Thrones television show were recently leaked online. Earlier […]

Apple Applies for Patenting a Unique Bag Secretly Before its Launch

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Apparently dissatisfied with only launching the latest line of iPhones and a new operating system this month, Apple has gone and outdone itself by filing a patent application for a retail shopping paper bag made mostly out of recycled paper. This project, titled ‘bag’ is likely to change the way the electronics industry functions — permanently and irreversibly, according to what […]

Fashion in IPR Mode: Rohit Bal, Anju Modi, Anita Dongre Copyright Designs As Plagiarism Spreads

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Plagiarism of designs is a growing concern among the Indian fashion industry and is attributed to the lack of awareness surrounding intellectual property rights (IPR) which are available to fashion designers in India. Even as awareness about IPR protection is increasing in India, the law relating to protection of fashion designers’ rights remains unclear. Copyright […]

Wu-Tang Clan sue dog-walking outfit Woof-Tang Clan for copyright breach

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The company, who claims walk ‘the illest group of dogs in New York City’, have been targeted by producer-rapper RZA in a trademark dispute. Wu-Tang Clan producer and rapper RZA has sued a Brooklyn dog-walking company for breach of copyright, after they named themselves Woof-Tang Clan. Court papers stated that Wu-Tang Clan’s name and logo were “unmistakably associated” […]