SECP issues practices guide for conducting meetings

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The SECP has issued a practices guide for conducting meeting of board of directors and general meeting. The guide is recommendatory in nature, thereby giving companies the liberty to develop their own procedures keeping in view the best practices. Meetings of board of directors and general meetings of shareholders are important decision-making forums where directors […]

Exercises from Monopoly® and the Principal Mogul Amusement Innovator

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Charles Darrow, a jobless salesperson, was attempting to help his family amid the Incomparable Gloom. It was amid this time he professed to have affectionately recalled summers in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and envisioned about being a land magnate. These redirections purportedly prompt him planning what has turned into the most mainstream tabletop game ever […]

Proprietary vs Employee Rights: The battle to adjust contending interests

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It’s football season, so obviously we ought to discuss lager. In particular, lager mysteries. For a long time James Clark had a fortunate activity at Anheuser-Busch, where he approached the brewer’s secret formulas. For unexplained reasons he surrendered. Rather than joining a contender, he went to see a legal counselor about arranging a class activity […]

Europe sees sharp ascent in patent applications for self-driving vehicles

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Ongoing measurements for patent applications uncover that advancement in self-driving vehicles (SDV) is quickening quick and could flag the happening to a vehicle insurgency. The quantity of European patent applications identified with mechanized driving has grown multiple times quicker than different advances as of late, an investigation distributed by the European Patent Office (EPO) finds. […]