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How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

What Is Copyright Infringement? Copyright laws are designed to protect the creator of original works, which are creative expressions from others using and profiting their work, without permission. The idea is that the author or creator owns the rights to the work and can decide if and how others use his


  The popular denim company, Levi Strauss, has recently sued Yves Saint Laurent on the grounds of trademark infringement regarding the tabs included on jean pockets. One of the most classic features on Levi jeans is also one of the smallest features on their pants. Levi’s have been commonly known

China, CTMO, Trademark

China Trademark Office Endeavors to Check Dishonesty Filings

On February 12, the China Trademark Office (CTMO) distributed a draft guideline titled “Several Provisions on Regulating the Application for Registration of Trademarks” for open remark. This draft is the main endeavor at giving a screening framework to spot and reject deceitful trademark applications by noxious squatters and rebuffing terrible