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The Dark Side of Secrecy: What Theranos Can Teach Us About Trade Secrets, Regulation and Innovation

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It is completely conceivable to couple data security with proper administration and oversight; in fact, that is the manner by which most organizations carry on. More than any issue with competitive innovation law, the Theranos calamity is about insatiability, hubris and the staggering intensity of human disavowal when looked with awkward realities. The dynamite disappointment […]

How Improving Speed and Quality Using Automation for Patent Application Drafting

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The correct computerization apparatuses can furnish application drafters with additional time that can be spent fleshing out extra subtleties of the innovation, investigating elective encapsulations, and recounting to a decent anecdote about how the development tackles a specialized issue. Patent application drafters are cutting edge members to the absolute most stunning advancements on the planet […]

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Past the Slice and Dice: Turning Your Idea into an Invention

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“Sadly, while portraying use and usefulness of a development is essential, no measure of depiction of utilization and additionally capacity will compensate for an inadequate portrayal of the innovation from a basic and mechanical point of view.” The patent procedure really starts a long time before you record a patent application or look for help […]

Exchanging Technologies Asks Supreme Court to Restore Congress’ Purpose in Creating the Patent Act

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Exchanging Technologies International, Inc. (TT) has documented a request for certiorari with the U.S. Incomparable Court requesting that it explain U.S. patent qualification law, including whether the Court ought to overrule its “theoretical thought” points of reference. The request identifies with the Federal Circuit’s April 2019 choice agreeing with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board […]