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Judge Decides That Content for “Friday the thirteenth” Was Not a Work For Contract, Enables Scriptwriter to Recover Copyright

On Friday, September 28th, U.S. Region Judge Stefan Underhill of the Region of Connecticut issued a decision on cross-movements for outline judgment in a copyright case including the clique blood and guts movie Friday the thirteenth. Judge Underhill’s decision verified that Victor Mill operator, the screenwriter who composed the content

Patent Encroachment Claim Against Comcast Features Appeal of Center Region of Florida for Patent Offended parties

On August first, Stronghold Myers, FL-based over-the-top (OTT) Web TV supplier WhereverTV recorded a suit asserting patent encroachment against Philadephia, Dad based broadcast communications combination Comcast Enterprise. In spite of the way that Comcast is headquartered in Pennsylvania and the innovator recorded on WhereverTV’s patent lives in Pennsylvania, the protestation

European Association Joins WIPO’s Marrakesh Arrangement

Extraordinarily Growing Inclusion. The European Association has joined WIPO’s Marrakesh Bargain in a major extension in enrollment for the agreement, which facilitates the creation and exchange crosswise over national limits of writings uncommonly adjusted for use by outwardly disabled individuals. Diplomat Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger, Lasting Agent of Austria to the Unified