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The corona virus has affected more than 120 countries worldwide, and every lawyer and law firm will feel the effects,

In general, family law includes legal issues that affect families, including married couples and parents and children. Since each state

Since we are all faced with the uncertainty of the corona virus, we are expanding our thoughts and prayers to

Protecting intellectual property is not as easy as declaring ownership of a particular product or asset. Most countries have three

Intellectual property rights are a bundle of exclusive rights to intellectual and commercial creations of the mind. The former is

How do I register a trademark in Pakistan? For the owners of a company or service in Pakistan, it is

In today’s business climate, every business owner must need legal services. For example, if you have a small business in

“For the regular customer, the way that an opiate substance is created basically from Flowers and not the leaves of

Entrapment in cartoon character copyright. 15 years old girl in Thailand arrested to sell a Japanese company’s cartoon character Krathong