Amazon has been sued in the United States for copyright infringement in the distribution of films through its streaming service, for which it has no rights. A direct and cooperative copyright infringement lawsuit filed in a New York court is described in films such as Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. It requires litigation and damages of up to one million dollars.

When Amazon is mentioned in lawsuits for copyright infringement, it is usually because it is part of the global anti-piracy coalition of the Creative and Entertainment Alliance.

In these cases, Amazon is still offensive in nature, but in a lawsuit in New York, the company aims to distribute copyrighted works for which it does not have its own license.

The complaint was filed by Ralf Hartmann (RH), former CEO of CP Medien, a German film investor. A decade ago, when CP Medien was in liquidation, it was reported that Hartmann would continue to operate in the film industry through a subsidiary of CP Medien Capella Films.

It is unclear how this company closed, but according to the lawsuit, Capella Films “transferred, transferred, and sold” all of its interests to Hartmann in various films. The rights acquired by Hartmann include copyrights and exclusive rights of reproduction and distribution. Amazon allegedly violated these rights after the company distributed copies of multiple movies to the public through its streaming service.

Amazon has released unlicensed films in the United States and abroad

“Since July 2017, the defendants have made the films” Commander Hamilton “and” After the Rain “available for digital distribution, whether they are broadcast on demand and / or rented or sold in the United Kingdom without permission or only under license HR may be. “Said the complaint.

Prime Video subscribers would have hired and / or purchased these two addresses at least a hundred times.

Given the worldwide availability of Amazon’s streaming service, the trial claims that from July 2017, Amazon will release the films after the rain, Commander Hamilton, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Drop Dead Gorgeous film for the digital distribution (Streaming and Streaming) and / or Prime Video passport) abroad, notably in the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. These estimates have been sold or transmitted “thousands of times”.

Hartmann said that because these addresses were stored on Amazon’s servers in the United States and transmitted to local and foreign customers without an appropriate license, this violated United States copyright law. The extent of the alleged offense does not seem clear, Hartmann therefore hopes to find out the extent of the alleged offense by the discovery.

Cooperative and direct crime in the United States

The trial claimed that “Commander Hamilton” and “After the Rain” were intentionally distributed across the country, causing Hartmann to claim $ 150,000 in workers’ injuries or injuries. The real and Amazon benefits of the crime are determined in court.

Regarding the charge of copyright infringement in the United States, the study claims that Amazon contributed significantly to the copyright infringement by “facilitating, managing or managing the unauthorized distribution” of these two unlicensed films. from Prime Video subscribers through the website. or the company’s streaming app.

“Any illegal distribution of the commander of the film Hamilton and After the Rain, regardless of flow, rent and / or sale on demand, is a separate tax violation for which the plaintiff is entitled to actual damages,” adds the lawsuit for each job. you can claim a maximum legal compensation of $ 150,000.

Infringement in the United States and Abroad

Hartmann’s third allegation relates to another copyright infringement related to movies transferred from Amazon servers in the United States to foreign users for which another $ 150,000 is claimed in fake works.

Since the copies of these four films, Commander Hamilton, After the Rain, Austin Powers: The International Man of Secret and Drop Dead Gorgeous, had no human resources or human resources approval, they were kept on the defendants’ servers Each of these distributions, which was joined and then distributed to Prime Video subscribers abroad, was a violation of copyright law, “the statement said.

Indirect crimes in the United States and foreign crimes

Four allegations claim that Amazon is directly responsible for the direct infringement of Amazon Digital copyright because it does not monitor Amazon Digital’s behavior by broadcasting both videos in the United States via Prime Video.

Noting that all the films mentioned in the third plea were stored in the United States and distributed to foreign customers, Hartmann claims that he also has the right to compensation under foreign copyright.

Indirect violation in the United States and violation abroad

It claims four states that, by not controlling Amazon Digital’s behavior, Amazon is solely responsible for the direct violation of Amazon Digital’s copyright by submitting two videos in the US via Prime Video.

Hartmann notes that all of the videos listed in the third claim were hosted in the United States and broadcast to foreign clients, and states that he is also eligible for copyright compensation from other countries.

Appeal against and Amazon Digital

In summary, the case asks the judicial authority that the defendants have violated the plaintiff’s copyright and that the damages must “increase and triple” because the infringement was intentional. Amazon has not sent his answer yet.