Ideation is an important step in the innovation process. In order to develop truly innovative solutions, ideations must be integrated into the organization’s intellectual property strategy. Technological progress made it possible to implement automation as part of the ideation. By automating and streamlining the idea creation process, you can improve the quality of your R&D team’s ideas, allocate resources more efficiently, and earn money faster from new ideas.

Digitizing and automating the idea generation process removes barriers to collaboration between teams and entities. When you no longer rely solely on personal sessions for new ideas, and instead reserve a digital space for research and brainstorming, it is possible to constantly gather ideas from different sources. When ideas are regularly documented on a common platform, it also becomes easier to bring those ideas to the next stage in the innovation cycle.

Automation possibilities

There are many ways to automate the entire idea generation process. Take a look at the current process in your organization and identify steps that can benefit from automation. By eliminating the need for multi-point human participation, which can slow down the innovation process, you can get to market faster with more innovative ideas.

Trend analysis

To meet the needs of your customers as well as your competitive advantage, it is important to understand the trends in your industry. Automated and AI-driven tools can pick up significant changes and use them to identify potential competitors, partners, new technologies and markets. Such predictive analytics can sort massive amounts of data into meaningful information that will point the R&D team in the right direction. Documentation of the idea

When ideas are digitally documented, it is easier to implement automation in the idea generation process. Relying solely on personal ideas led by management can limit the input of ideas and the speed with which they are evaluated and implemented. The software can push ideas through the innovation cycle with automatic notifications, collaboration, consolidation and incentives.

Score for messages

Another potential obstacle in the innovation cycle is the selection of ideas to implement. More than three-quarters of companies “have too many projects and an overloaded development plan”. By relying on automated decision making early in the innovation cycle, R&D resources can be allocated more strategically. Our Technology Profitability Report (TVR) assigns each idea a novelty score, making it easier to allocate resources to the most promising innovations.