The appearance of a product and its packaging is equally as valuable as the brand name under which it is sold. A consistent, distinctive packaging design builds consumer confidence and trust, it increases brand awareness and recognition and ultimately plays a vital role in a company’s brand identity. Original designs can be protected by a Registered Design or, in many cases, can receive limited protection through Unregistered Design Right or Copyright.

Registration and maintenance

Our experienced trade mark practitioners can elucidate and make clear the different forms of design protection available, advise you on which form of protection is most appropriate and help you protect your original designs in the PAkistan and around the world. We will prepare and file all necessary applications and deal with any formalities which may arise during the course of the registration process.

We will also ensure that your design is renewed on time and send you reminders in advance of the expiration deadline.

Design Infringement

We deal with the protection and enforcement of registered and unregistered design rights and copyright works through infringement and invalidity actions. Our team of Trade Mark practitioners has a proven track record of successfully protecting designs on a world-wide scale. Working alongside our clients, we will always seek to resolve any disputes in the most cost-effective and commercially-focussed manner possible, whether that involves reaching an amicable settlement or commencing formal proceedings.