Famous trademarks in Mexico: what they are and how to obtain them



 The Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property provides two situations of recognition for trademarks. 

 According to composition 190, a trademark will be understood to be" well given" in Mexico when a certain sector of the Mexican public or Mexican marketable circles is apprehensive of the trademark 


 due to marketable conditioning carried out in Mexico or abroad by a person that uses similar trademark in connection with its products or services; or 

 as a consequence of the creation or advertising of similar trademark. 

Secondly, it'll be understood that a trademark is" notorious" in Mexico when it's known by utmost of the consuming public, or when it's diffused or recognised in global commerce. 


 A notorious trademark therefore acquires great recognition, to the extent that utmost of the consuming public can identify it, anyhow of race, gender, age, socioeconomic position or geographic area.