Before submission of application for registration of firm with POF the following steps must be followed/fulfilled.

  • Comprehensive company Profile.
  • Status, either Manufacturer, Stockist (Authorised Dealer/Disributor/Trader/Indenter) and agent to foreign firm.
  • Range of products to be supplied.
  • Financial status (Bank certificate and bank statemen regarding financical standing of the firm but not less then Rs.One Million.
  • Copies of Agency agreement with foreign firms/suppliers.
  • Copies of Incom Tax Certificates issued by the concerned authority for the last three years.
  • Copies of GST and NTN certificates.
  • Registration letters with other Govt./Semi Govt organisations.
  • Registration under the factory act. company act and partnership act if applicable.

After fulfilling these points we have to submit a form for Firm Registration. OR go to below link foe brief introductory Book for How to Register a Firm?