Every large company or organization has a unique word, phrase or logo that helps consumers remember them. So, every major company must be registered their brand names.

Why should you register your Trademark as a phrase?

Trademark registration ensures that no one else can use a similar phrase to promote similar products or services. It is a very simple and valid way to compete with your competition and market your products and services.

When to Register the Trademark as a phrase?

Major companies and celebrities can use brand terms, but what about others? Can a single phrase or sentence be named as a trademark? The answer is yes. Initially, the mark/phrase must be used in commerce, means that the trademark will be used to sell certain types of goods or services. But if your intention is just to stop others to use the phrase then you can’t trademark a phrase.

Second, when submitting a trademark application, you must indicate which types of products or services you want to use for your trademark. To protect your brand, your phrase not only describes those products or services, but also makes them more visible. Michael Buffer is registered to use Get Ready to Rumbol for his activities, events and sports.

Third, you should not use a trademark for a single-word phrase or trademark if it is deceptively similar to a phrase or word that is already a registered trademark for the same type of goods or services. The expressions are the same when people don’t know where a product or service is coming from.