“From COVID, digital marketing, digital public relations, collaborations with influencers and creative efforts in general, it has really doubled. Instead of sending traditional press releases, our focus is now on the development of social media”.

From the beginning of the year, many companies and industries around the world have had to adapt their business strategies to the new norm and changes in consumer behavior. However, Survey report said there are signs that the Cosmetics industry is one sector that remains relatively resilient to the crisis. In China, a survey report found that online beauty industry revenues increased by 20-30% during the epidemic.

As we know, COVID-19 triggered a digital explosion in many areas. However, the beauty industry is ready for this change, and if so, what measures can brands take to stand out even more in the market? Crisis?

While some brands offer discounts on their products to attract customers, the beauty technology giant uses new and creative ways to adapt to the new standard and stay connected with customers.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Cosmetics Industry

Among other things, with the advent of e-commerce, the cosmetics industry had to adapt quickly to change. New total blocking agents and physical removal have classified some cosmetics, such as makeup, in a less important category. At the other end of the spectrum, the trend in skin care and skin care appears to be favorable in the areas of skin care, hair, bathing and personal care. Beauty influencers entertain fans with their videos on DIY masks and skin care.

COVID-19 has turned beauty upside down and brought about a radical change for retail and the consumer. What exactly are consumers looking for during a beauty epidemic and how should they adapt to companies?

There are four key areas identified that are moving towards a new standard in the cosmetics industry:

Personal Care: Body care products are becoming even more valuable today because people value well-being.

Digital Acceleration: Digital Acceleration: The role of e-commerce is growing as consumers are forced to access beauty products through online channels.

Beauty with imagination: Due to the lack of showrooms, consumers are looking for alternative solutions to maintain their appearance

Communication: In a rapidly changing environment, consumers expect brands to be flexible, empathetic, and relevant.

Strategies To Implement For Online Sale

Innovative Loyalty Programs

In today’s challenging economic environment, customer loyalty is essential. That is why such loyalty programs are important. The intention of this introduction should be to find new ways to communicate with customers and opportunities beyond sales. By creating products, you can create a community that will help your customers feel part of the future of your brand image.

Influencer Marketing In The Digital Era

With the advancement of technology, more and more people around the world are connecting online. By targeting Gen Z, cosmetic companies need to find new ways to reduce noise, especially according to COVID-19.

Influencer marketing has become an increasingly important part of the digital marketing strategy of many B2C brands. This is especially true for the beauty industry where consumers make heavy use of social media when shopping online.

Stay Updated On Social Media Trends

With the widespread use of social media, apps, and technology, beauty brands have even more opportunities to reach their target audience online. Brands should turned into innovative marketing strategies that focus on credibility and transparency, and respect the values ​​of Generation Z to reach and engage new younger target groups in a more meaningful way.

Creating two-way conversations and easy content was essential for the beauty brand, which chose TikTok fashion to reach a younger audience. In the future, instead of rewriting old marketing approaches, brands should listen and engage communities to discover what’s important to their consumers. Attention to storytelling and new content formats to engage consumers is also essential to keeping beauty brands relevant in an ever-changing digital environment.

With social media like Facebook and Instagram featuring integrated shopping opportunities like Facebook stores, beauty brands need to sell fake products more than ever.

Institution To The New Ecommerce Platforms

At the start of the pandemic, a Red Dot report on the impact of COVID-19 on online sales showed that 73% of shoppers would likely increase their online shopping compared to stores if COVID-19 were still a problem . . Needless to say, the pandemic continues and many buyers have done so. Brands that are already prepared for the rising tide of e-commerce have seen significant growth.

In response to the surge in online shopping, Brands explored new e-commerce channels such as Shop HQ and HSN. This allowed them to further diversify their sales channels and provide consumers with multiple online contact points to purchase their products.

The Future Of IP

The boom in e-commerce, an increase in cosmetic sales and a change in consumer behavior can bring opportunities and challenges to the sector. According to COVID-19, players in the cosmetic industry should privilege digital channels even more to attract customer attention.

The rapid increase in consumer online shopping has attracted more counterfeiters than ever to take advantage of this situation and pose a serious threat to consumer health and safety. Unfortunately, the lack of consumer knowledge and awareness often leads many people to purchase these counterfeit products by mistake and to expose themselves to unsafe products.


In the new era of e-commerce and in the light of the huge changes in the cosmetics industry, attention must be paid to consumer safety. Focusing on brand awareness in a company’s new online strategy can play an important role in saving revenue and maintaining a reputable online reputation. Given the multitude of new online markets and sourcing opportunities, the use of new technological solutions to effectively limit IPR infringements at source is an even greater contribution. Crisis.