On August 21, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) reported the arrival of its authority app for mobile phones, titled IPOS Go, to the Apple App and Google Play stores. Among the administrations offered through the application are trademark recording administrations, making this specific application the world’s first for empowering the documenting of trademark registration documents from a cell phone.

As indicated by the official statement issued by IPOS, the procedure for recording a trademark application through the app is considerably more streamlined than conventional filings, and applications can be submitted inside around 10 minutes rather than the 45 to hour long average for different strategies. IPOS additionally demonstrates that recording costs through the application will be altogether decreased, in spite of the fact that the official statement doesn’t give solid insights regarding those expenses. As The Straits Times reports, IPOS trademark application documenting charges are presently $240 for a solitary trademark in any class and stamps can be recharged following 10 years for $380 per class.

IPOS expects that the presentation of this mobile app will help encourage a developing number of trademark applications; the office takes note of that trademark applications in Singapore have expanded by 30% in the course of recent years. As detailed by ZDNet, IPOS took in 50,035 trademark applications and enlisted 37,030 trademarks during 2017. Somewhat over 20% of both documented applications and trademark enrollments that year had a place with local elements in Singapore. The top outside filers of trademark applications into Singapore included Amazon Innovations and Apple.

IPOS Go Gives IP Quest Choices Including artificial intelligence Quest for Comparative Picture Imprints

Man-made reasoning innovation fused into IPOS Go will help candidates by distinguishing picture denotes that are like those incorporated into their applications, anticipating the documenting of trademarks that are excessively like existing ones that have just been enrolled. This specific segment of IPOS Go’s administrations could be fantastically helpful to candidates given that over 40% of trademark enrollments overall incorporate pictures.

The IPOS Go application has seven fundamental areas. Five segments expect clients to login with either a SingPass or a CorpPass account: Trademark Application, Trademark Restoration, Recording History, Application Drafts, and Inbox. All application clients, notwithstanding, can get to the IP Search and Comparable Imprint Search segments of the application. Comparative Imprint Search enables clients to transfer picture documents to scan for comparable pictures that have been incorporated into trademark applications as of now on record with IPOS. Clients can likewise look for imprints by trademark content or picture descriptors. Anybody downloading the application is likewise allowed to utilize the IP Search segment of the application which enables clients to look through patent, trademark, structure and topographical sign applications that have been recorded with IPOS.

IPOS’ portable application is a piece of the office’s promise to the nation’s Keen Country activity. This program incorporates an assortment of endeavors to build the utilization of computerized advances in different segments including urban living, taxpayer supported organizations, wellbeing, transportation, key national undertakings and business new businesses. Instances of these endeavors incorporate the SingPass represents consistent access to a variety of taxpayer driven organizations and the nation’s Arranged Exchange Stage which can process exchange allows short of what 60 minutes.

Isabelle Tan, Director, Registry of Trademarks, IPOS, offered the accompanying comments in the organization’s official statement:

Trademarks are the meat and potatoes of the IP world. They communicate the emotional and reputational attributes of every enterprise, creating a differentiating identity in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Everyone deals with trademarks daily, and the trademark system is crucial in the protection and monetisation of that distinctive identity. Given the widespread use of smartphones for transactions today, the IPOS Go mobile app is just a fingertip away for businesses and entrepreneurs to protect their trademarks, build consumer loyalty, and ultimately generate and increase revenue for the company.

Ongoing IPOS Activities to Cut Expenses for Singapore IP Proprietors

IPOS has presented two or three cost-sparing measures for intellectual property rights proprietors in the course of recent months. In June, Singapore Business Survey detailed that IPOS, alongside Lloyd’s Asia and Antares Guaranteeing Asia, had set up a protection program for IP rights proprietors to furnish proprietors of Singapore IP with big business inclusion for legitimate costs brought about during the time spent IP encroachment procedures going on around the globe. At that point toward the beginning of August, IPOS reported a coordinated effort with the World World Intellectual Property Organization Intervention and Intercession Center to offer discounted costs for elective debate goals procedures to determine copyright questions in Singapore.

Singapore brags one the world’s progressively created intellectual property systems, positioning tenth by and large in the 2019 International IP Record in spite of the fact that it just positioned fifteenth as far as national trademark systems. There’s no sign at this beginning time that the IPOS Go application will have much effect on Singapore’s universal positioning in spite of the fact that it’s unquestionably conceivable that expanded digitization of IPOS assets, whenever combined with better implementation systems, could enable the nation to improve its score in territories identified with selective rights to change unapproved employments of trademarks and structures advancing helpful private activity against the online clearance of fake merchandise.