A trademark is a identifiable sign, structure, or appearance which distinguishes Products or Services of a specific source from those of others. Trademarks used to distinguish Services are generally called Service marks. The trademark proprietor can be an individual, business association, or any legitimate substance. Trademark Registration in Pakistan is represented by the arrangements of the Trade Mark Ordinance 2001 and the Trademark Rules 2004. Following are the means for Trademark enlistment in Pakistan.

Steps For Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Documenting of Application

In Step 1, a trademark application is documented as per the Trademark Form and its charge.

Initial Examination

When the application is recorded, it is analyzed by the Registrar of the Trademarks. Scrutiny of an application takes around 8-12 months from the date of documenting of the application. After assessment of use, the Registrar of the Trademarks may bring up criticisms regarding the application. It is steering practice of Trademark Registry to bring up the criticisms. Trademark workplaces normally do it in practically 99% of trademark applications.

Assessment Report/Show Cause

The Issues raised by the Registrar are conveyed to the candidate by method for a notice. A printed version of the report is sent to the candidate. Practically 99% of Applicants get Errors/Objections.

Reaction to the Objection

Because of the notice of complaint, an answer is to be submitted. It has a period point of confinement of two months in this way it ought to be submitted on need premise.


If the Registrar is happily Satisfied with the composed answer, he may clear the imprint for ad. In any case, if the Registrar isn’t well Pleased, a Hearing is Called.

Printing in Trademarks Journal

When the imprint is cleared of the considerable number of complaints, it continues for Printing in the Trademarks Journal. The diary is available to the general population so anybody can get to it. The motivation behind promotion is to welcome any Objection to enrollment of the imprint from any outsiders. On the off chance that no resistances are recorded, the imprint moves to Register. In any case, if the Registrar gets any protest from any individual, the resistance methodology happens.

Issuance of Registration Certificate

When an imprint is enlisted, the Registrar gives a authorization of enrollment. At last, the candidate may utilize the symbol® or ™ for the business. A trademark Registration is substantial for a time of ten (10) years from the date of Application , henceforth, can be re-established every once in a while.

Time Period 

Because of huge number of Registration, the all out time range for enlisting a trademark in Pakistan is 2 to 3 Years.