What’s first: introducing a trademarked product?

The US trademark registration system is different from that of other parts of the world. With few exceptions, a trademark must generally be used in connection with goods or services in commerce in the US in order to obtain federal trademark registration with the USPTO. Should business owners run the product first and then apply for a trademark? Or maybe someone can apply for the brand before launching the product on the market?

What would be a reasonable branding strategy for entrepreneurs looking to bring a product to market? The faster the application, the better. Ideally, you should apply for a trademark before the trademark is disclosed.

Comment on the registration of a commercial product?

Anyone can apply for a trademark before selling the product. You can use Application Utility or Application ITU. The USSR and the fourth calendar were applied to the candidatures. The Commission, on the other hand, does not intend to use the market to produce products or services for marketing purposes.

It is possible to limit the number of products or services included in the Income application. It is therefore recommended that the product be listed in the product list. In the case of a fair use of activators plus, it is assumed that the life of the animals is intuitive and that the aid rate is used.

Launching the product after submitting the trademark application

Now that the UIT archive has been filed, you can still release the product even though someone else hit you with the USPTO with a trademark application for the same brand. You pay a little more for this peace of mind. Expect additional costs after submitting your usage notification after you have successfully started using the brand.

Registration requires use

Unless your application is based on a foreign registration, you should always use a trademark registration. Don’t report premature use. There are strict “commercial use” requirements that must be met before proof of use can be filed with the USPTO. After you submit a usage notification, your options are limited. You may find yourself in a situation where you may not have enough time to use new samples if the original samples are discarded.

So take your time. Go to the fair. Launch the product. Start a crowdfunding campaign. Always remember that you need to do more before you can safely submit the use information with the correct first use dates.

The biggest benefit of an older application date

This additional cost of several hundred dollars per product / service category is worth the previous filing date. By submitting your application early, you will later charge applicants for the rejection of your application. Successive applicants must file an opposition to the mark (in case of a pending application) or revocation (at registration) and demonstrate the likelihood of confusion and priority.