After Francis Gurry completing successful two tenure as a Director General WIPO, Daren tang has been Elected as new Director General WIPO.

Daren Tang is previously serving as Chief Executive of Intellectual Property Office Singapore since 2015. Tang has very vast experience as he previously worked as Deputy Chief executive and Chief Legal Counsel for IPOS. He also perform Duti

In a letter proposing Tang as a possibility for the WIPO DG position, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan depicted Tang as “an accomplished and comprehensive pioneer who can adjust the interests of all partners to produce accord.” Balakrishnan said that Tang has changed IPOS from a controller to an “advancement office” and noticed his broad involvement in two-sided and multilateral exchange arrangements.

WIPO’s Election process started in January and officially closes tomorrow. The WIPO Coordination Committee involves 83 of WIPO’s 192 part states and thought about 10 possibility for the position. Tang prevailed upon up-and-comers from Nigeria, Colombia, Peru, Ghana, Japan, Argentina, Estonia, Kazakhstan and China.

There were rumors before that next DG WIPO will be From China, thinking about the nation’s flimsy record on IP security and requirement.