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The role of intellectual property in robotics

When you talk about robots or artificial intelligence (AI) today, the first thing that comes to mind is futuristic and cutting-edge technology that is taking over and changing the world. Many, if not all, aspects of a person’s life can be massively transferred from supermarkets to schools and hospitals to

Automation of the ideation process

Ideation is an important step in the innovation process. In order to develop truly innovative solutions, ideations must be integrated into the organization’s intellectual property strategy. Technological progress made it possible to implement automation as part of the ideation. By automating and streamlining the idea creation process, you can improve

Covid-19 & Intellectual Property

Currently, the main challenge is not access to COVID-19 vaccines, treatments or cures, but the lack of approved vaccines, treatments or drugs to access. At this point, therefore, governments should focus politically on supporting science and innovation to produce vaccines, therapies or drugs. For access, the first task is to

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