Collective trademarks in Pakistan

What exactly are collective trademarks?
Their use is reserved for the members of the organisation and they enable the organisation to distinguish its goods or services in the market from those that are similar and that belong to third parties.Their usage is restricted to the organization’s members, and they allow the organisation to differentiate its goods or services in the market from those that are identical and belong to third parties.

What are the benefits of registering a collective mark?
Collective trademarks allow members of an organisation or group to better promote their products or services in the market. They can also divide any expenditures across all members of the group.

What is the procedure in Pakistan for registering collective trademarks?
The candidate must supply the following:
a duly completed application;
a sworn statement indicating the organization’s power of representation (a sworn statement of the representatives);a list of all persons authorized to use the trademark (members of the organisation);
a list of trademark regulations, including the requirements for use and the control and penalty mechanisms for noncompliance; and the statutes of the collective entity (organisation or group) requesting registration.
After all of the necessary conditions have been met, the Patent and Trademark Office will issue a decision granting or rejecting the trademark.

What recent advances have there been in the field of collective trademarks in Pakistan?

At the moment, groups or organisations who want to register a collective trademark do not have to pay any formal costs.

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