From Research to Market Value: Innovation Value Teams

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“For IP specialists exhorting colleges or item advancement organizations, giving a supporting framework is basically essential to any development movement. This framework ought to incorporate three parts: 1) Business, 2) Engineering, and 3) Intellectual Property (BEIP).” In an ongoing article in Harvard Business Review, “Genuine Innovation Requires More Than a R&D Budget,” Dr. Gina O’Connor […]

What Brand Owners and Small Businesses Can Learn from’s Trademark Enforcement Campaign

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“’s activities unmistakably exhibit how independent companies can be off guard at the risk of IP debates. Furthermore, on the grounds that they frequently have an absence of assets and legitimate exhortation, in cases like these, littler organizations consistently end up with no decision however to stop exchanging or significantly change their practices.” U.S.- based […]

Developing a Standardized Access System to Domain Name Registration Data

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As ICANN builds up a lasting arrangement answer for guarantee its “Look Into” framework stays reliable with the guidelines of the European Union Global Data Protection Regulation, the IP people group should keep a nearby eye and give criticism on the new framework under plan. As the European Union’s milestone Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]