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April 26 was World Intellectual Property Day, when the IPO celebrates intellectual property or IP.

This is our opportunity to show the significant impact of intellectual property on our society by improving our lives and the economy. However, this year it looks different. Celebration is not normal.

A few weeks ago, the WIPO developed plans to honor this year’s # WorldIPDay theme: “Innovation for a greener future.” We focus on how intellectual property and innovation are heroes at the center of solutions that respond to global challenges, such as climate change. we are now dealing with a completely different kind of global challenge: a new brand of heroes is recognized: they are people who provide us with safety, health, food and take care of ourselves.

The challenge we faced from the Covid-19 pandemic is as vast worldwide as climate change. But its global impact on households, businesses and the economy is more direct. This is a new situation for all of us and we have to adapt.

Just as IP supports innovative solutions in the area of ​​climate change, it also plays an important role in the response to Covid-19. The intellectual property system is demonstrating its flexibility to face the challenges of the global crisis.

IP: Practical help in hard times

The essence of intellectual property is to give people control over what they do. The method of exercising control depends on the individual. In normal times you can start such a company, get a return on investment and work hard. In these unprecedented times we see great examples of cooperation and collaboration between individuals and organizations that would normally compete – control exercised in different ways.

Free-spirited pharmaceutical companies share their knowledge of copyright protection for free. Others can use this IP knowledge to support the monitoring of an effective Covid-19 vaccine. In other cases, companies have declared that they will not impose their patents, which means that generic drugs can be used without a brand.

Other sectors with business models supported by intellectual property have taken up the challenge in new and exciting ways. The collaboration between organizations, including automakers and automakers, helps to increase the production of fans, which are usually made by specialists. Well-known brands work together to design new fans.

In the meantime, a multinational organization, typically involved in defense equipment manufacturing, has specialized in national products to protect our NHS and our elders. Its production capacity was used to manufacture personal protective equipment for the NHS using 3D printers on an industrial scale. Smaller 3D printers produce innovative “door claws” that help reduce the spread of handle infections in nursing homes.

The role of intellectual property in this crisis doesn’t end with PPE, drug development and fans. Many copyright holders have made their works available to researchers, and collecting societies have changed their licenses to help businesses, schools, universities, and libraries offer their services online.

All over the world, members of our global network of IP aggregates support the “crisis committees” of the sales teams in their respective countries.

Let’s Intellectual Property Fascinate You

Families around the world are finding new ways to adapt to social isolation. Creative copyright holders have been incredibly generous in making their entertainment accessible. We can take advantage of the front row seats in our rooms to watch exciting “National Theater Live” shows online. Art galleries open their virtual doors. Licensed platforms and new content creators are more popular than ever. The stars perform live concerts for hours in their kitchen.

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