Duration and renewal of registration of Trademark, ( TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN PAKISTAN )

Duration and renewal of registration.

(1) A trade mark shall be registered for a period of ten years from the date of registration.

(2) The registration may be renewed under section 35 for a further period of ten years.


Renewal of registration.-

(1) The registration of a trade mark may be renewal at the request of the proprietor subject to payment of such renewal fee as may be prescribed.

(2) The Registrar shall inform the proprietor of a registered trade mark, before the expiry of the registration, of the date of expiry and the manner in which the registration may be renewal as may be prescribed.

(3) A request for renewal shall be made, along with the renewal fee, before the expiry of the registration, as may be prescribed, failing which the request may be made and the renewal fee paid within such further period of not less than six months as may be prescribed in which case an additional renewal fee shall be paid within that period.

(4) Renewal shall take effect from the expiry of the previous registration.

(5) Except at the time of first renewal, the Registrar may require that request for renewal be accompanied with evidence of use of the trade mark in Pakistan.

(6) If the registration is not renewed in accordance with the provisions of this section, the Registrar shall remove the trade mark from the Register. Provided that the Registrar may restore the registration of a trade mark which has been removed from the Register, subject to such conditions, if any, as may be prescribed.

(7) The renewal or restoration of the registration of a trade mark shall be published in the Journal.


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