FAQ’s. Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan

  1. Q. What is the law that regulates trademarks in Pakistan?

A.In Pakistan, registration and protection of trademarks is regulated under the Trademarks Ordinance, 2001 and it extends to whole of Pakistan.

Q. What is Trademark?

A. Trademark is a mark used for the purposes of differentiating goods or services of one business from the goods or services of others. Any unique words, letters, numerals, drawings, pictures, shapes, co lours, logotypes, labels or combinations used to distinguish goods or services may be considered as trademark.

Q. What is the difference between trade name and trade mark?

A.Trade name is the full name of your business, such as: “Raza Associates (Pvt.) Limited” and it identifies your company or firm. A trademark, however, is the sign that distinguishes the product of your company. A  company may have various trademarks. For instance  Raza Associates Private Limited sells its products under the trademark “Raza” and logo “RA”.

Q. My company’s name is Raza (Pvt.) Limited incorporated with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, is the company’s name will automatically be protected as a trademark?

A. No, by registering your business and its trade name with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan your company’s name will not be protected as a trademark. A trade name is the full name of your business i.e. “Raza Associates Private Limited” and it identifies your company. A trademark is the sign that distinguishes the product of your company.

Q5. What is meant by Coined word?

A. Coined words are invented words, the words which do not have any meaning and have advantage of protection easily. As in the name of “Raza JEE” which is a renowned brand name, coined word is “JEE” which is an invented word and do not have any  meaning. 

Q6. Who is authorized to apply for trademark  registration?

A. Any person who intends to use a trademark can apply for registration. It can be individual, firm, company or organization.

Q7. Is it compulsory to register a company’s trademark?

A. It is not mandatory but highly advisable.

Q8. What is a trademark/brand name search? Is it necessary to conduct search before applying for registration?

A. It is not necessary but advisable, to make sure that the trademark you intend to use or a similar one is not already registered by anyone. 

Q9. For how long registered trademark is protected or what is the duration of registration?

A. From filing of the date trademark is registered for ten years, which can be renewed after every ten years.

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