Intellectual property theft leads to more than just counterfeits, says IPR study

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“The magnitude and type of threat to United States interests varies from country to country,” said the study and China remains the largest offender in terms of economic, health and safety, and national security concerns. “The majority of infringing goods seized by CBP and ICE originated in China,” said the study. Offenders in China are also the primary foreign threat for theft of trade secrets from United States rights holders as it looks to power scientific and technological advances. The country is involved in complex industrial espionage against foreign corporations and nations, said the study. That threat, it said, remains unabated.

That’s not really news, but the study said plain old counterfeit T-shirt and clothing   may be nurturing terror groups. “Offenders in the tri-border area of South America are a noteworthy threat because of the possible use of content piracy profits to fund terrorist groups, notably Hizballah,” said the study. It said that Hezbollah, the “D-company” terror group in India and even possibly Al Qaeda, could look to intellectual property theft from American companies not only for ideological reasons, but for cash. It said the groups may pirate video game devices and digital content in India, Pakistan and Europe.

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