Here you will find information on corporate tax planning in Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professional tax experts best supports your clients in corporate tax planning in Pakistan.


Raza & Associates’ tax practice has over four decades of experience dealing with the complexity of the Pakistani tax system. Our tax experts are able to find answers to business problems in different sectors and to objectively analyze the solutions proposed by others.

Our team of experienced professionals provides both Pakistani and international clients with solid, reliable and affordable tax planning and compliance services that are controlled and coordinated from our headquarters in Lahore and delivered from our offices across Pakistan, including the capitals of Peshawar, Islamabad be Quetta and Karachi. In line with Raza & Associates’ value proposition, our team of experts goes one step further to strengthen credibility with the tax authorities while keeping an eye on the frequent changes and additions to tax laws. We also ensure that our customers do not remain in the dark and make it our mission to keep them informed of important changes in Pakistani tax laws and to remind them of upcoming deadlines through frequent tax warnings, reminders, a tax calendar, etc.

  • Trademark Law
  • Design and Patent Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Nikkah-Nama interpretation
  • Company Registration
  • Domain Name Protection
  • Franchising
  • Tax Law

With over fifteen years of rich experience and an unmatched growth, we are big enough to handle multidimensional legal issues and small enough to pay special attention to the specific needs of each of our clients.

Raza & Associates helps clients in ensuring that IP assets add to the business profitability rather than to its overhead costs. We act as our clients’ partners-in-growth by providing value advice to optimize strategies for establishment, protection and leveraging IP assets.

Our partnerships with clients ensure that right full profits of businesses are intact, market shares are not depleted through unfair business competition and that the businesses can focus on growth without having to worry about infringement of their IP rights.

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