Here you can find information on family law in Pakistan. Our team of family lawyers best supports their clients in solving family law matters in Pakistan. The legal system is based on common law and Islamic law. The former has a greater impact on commercial law, while the latter has a greater impact on personal status (and more recently, to some extent, on criminal law and tax law).

Here we will discuss about Nikkah-Nama interpretation

Nikkah-Nama interpretation  in english as follows


Nikah Nama Marriage / Certificate

(See Rule No: 8, 10)

Prescribe form according to the Rule No. 8 and 10 of the Muslim Family Ordinance issued in 1961.

Name of Ward `
Name of Town / Union Council
Tehsil / Thana
District in which marriage took place
Name of the bridegroom and his father with their respective residences
Age of the bridegroom
Name of the bride and her father with their respective residence
Whether the bride is maiden, a widow or a divorce
Age of the bride
Name of the Wakil ( representative), if any, appointed by the bride, his father’s name and his residence
Names of the witnesses to the appointment of the bride’s Wakil ( Representative ) with their fathers names, their residence and their relationship with bride
Names of the witnesses to marriage, their father’s names and their residences;
Names of the witness to marriage, their father’s name and their residences:
Date on which the marriage was contracted
Amount of dower
The amount of Mahar Mooajjal ( Prompt Dower); and the amount of Mahar Moajjal (Deferred Dower):
Whether any portion of the dower was paid at the time of marriage, if so, how much;
Whether any property was given in lieu of the whole or any portion of the dower, with specifications of the same and its valuation agreed to between the parties;
Special condition if any
Whether the husband has delegated the power of divorce to the wife, if so , under what conditions;
Whether the husband’s right of divorce is in any way curtailed;
Whether any documentation was drawn up a the time of marriage relating to dower maintenance, etc, if so, contents thereof in brief.
Whether the bridegroom has any existing wife, and if so, whether he has secured the permission of the Arbitration Council under the Muslim family laws ordinance, 1961, to contract another marriage.
Number and date of the communication conveying to the bridegroom the permission of the arbitration council to contract another marriage;
Name and address of the person by whom the marriage was solemnized;
Date of Registration of marriage
Registration fee paid
Signature of bridegroom or his Wakil( representative ) Signature of the Witness to the appointment of the bridegroom’s Wakil (representative)
Signature of Bride or her Wakil 9( representative )[tabs tab1=”Tab 1″ tab2=”Tab 2″ tab3=”Tab 3″] Signature of the Witness to the appointment of the bride Wakil (representative)
Signature of the Person who solemnized the marriage 1)
Signature and Seal of the Nikah Registrar( Marriage Register )



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