MIPA Intellectual Property Conference (MIPC) 2016

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Our Association is organizing the MIPA Intellectual Property Conference (MIPC) 2016 from 10th to 11th November 2016 at the Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Center Hotel. 
The two-day conference themed, “Towards an IP Nation – Updates and Emerging Issues”, will cover a wide variety of topics on current issues affecting the IP community.

MIPA is pleased to present its 2016 IP Conference themed

“Updates and Emerging Issues”.

Since our last MIPA IP Conference in 2014, Malaysia has

taken great strides in the field of IP. Hence an update

session on latest legislative developments (including the

Madrid Protocol which is round the corner) and case law

(with various major court decisions) will allow us to pause

and consider what is the state of play of IP in our nation


Going forward we know the IP world continues to be fast

changing with many emerging issues and Malaysia is not

excluded from this. TPPA for instance raises the IP bar for

Malaysia to be in line with the IP law and systems of the

developed nations – can we cope? Regionally ASEAN in

her quest to be a single economic entity has embarked

on various initiatives to streamline and in some cases

harmonise our respective IP laws – Malaysia is part of this

endevaour. What can we expect with all these emerging


The road to become an IP Nation always needs innovation

as the driver of IP. Innovators need to know how best to

protect and gain value from their creative works through

IP and also getting funding that will help any start up.

There will be sessions on these practical issues.

We look forward to seeing you in our not-to-be-missed


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