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Music Licensing and Copyright Infringement – Raza & Assosiates

Music Licensing and Copyright Infringement

Categories: Asma Raza

Music is the perfect complement to any project. Regardless of whether it is a video advertisement for the product, including music on the company’s website, TikTok or YouTube, publish videos with exercises at home for clients who use music at company events or play music at the bar or restaurant, music is integral part of society. However, music is also the most common reason content is turned off or removed from social media, so users can be potentially responsible for copyright infringement and related financial damage.

With some exceptions, the unauthorized use of someone’s music violates copyright. 1. This article describes some basic principles for determining the type of permit required by an average enterprise in this regard, as well as other possible alternatives. The key to planning and budgeting music in a project is obtaining the right rights and permissions before clicking Play.

Music Copyright

For each song there are two works protected by copyright: musical composition and sound recording. The musical composition is composed of music and related texts. Publishers generally have rights to music, but composers and songwriters can also have such rights. Audio recording is a fixed and recorded version of the musical composition and usually belongs to the label. Someone who writes, records and performs their songs can have both copyrights. Usually, however, many more people are involved in the creation of the song. Therefore, authorization to use a work typically requires authorization from different parties.

The licenses most frequently used by companies to use songs for various projects are main licenses, dubbing licenses, public performances and mechanical licenses, although this is not an exhaustive discussion of all types of licenses in the music sector. Depending on the type of project, a multiple or combination of authorizations may be required.

Types of Licence

A master license is required to use a recorded audio or video version of a song or an audio recording. For example, to use the original recording of an artist album, you need to enable the disc editor to use audio recording.

Primary permissions are generally required together with synchronization permissions. Synchronization permission is required to use the audiovisual format of the music composition. In other words, if the audio is “synchronized” with the video (for example, in a promotional video), the approval of the author of the musical composition is required (regardless of whether the cover or recording of the song is used ), which is generally the case, to release music under the main license. publisher.

Public permission from the artist is required if a song is played for an outside audience in small private groups of friends or family. Common examples include playing music in a conference, bar or restaurant, uploading a song to a website and other uses, including streaming. These examples are public representations. These licenses are generally obtained from repair companies that license “perform non-dramatic works in public on behalf of the copyright holders of those works”.

Physical reproduction of a musical work requires physical consent. For example, if you are recording the song cover and playing the song only in audio format (for example on a streaming service, CD or MP3), the author’s authorization for the musical composition is required. The author usually contracts with an external mechanical licensing company (such as Harry Fox) to obtain authorization.

Remember that obtaining the rights necessary for the project takes time and money. Before claiming the rights of one of the greatest musicians in the music industry, it is therefore necessary to sufficiently guarantee the correct delivery time and budget.

Alternative Ways to Use Music

There are many ways to incorporate music into your content without infringing copyright if premium rights are not available. For example, permission is not required to use public numbers because they are no longer copyrighted. However, the public portfolio is not as large as many people think. Some musicians license their songs via Creative Commons with some restrictions or credit requirements. Make sure it meets the authorization requirements. Many companies also have a license for a music collection that has been pre-approved for media sharing. These companies offer everything from a single source and are authorized to cover all aspects of copyrighted work. Also consider ordering the music you wrote earlier.

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