NASA Looks for Patent Lawyer for Stream Drive Research center

NASA Looks for Patent Lawyer for Stream Drive Research center
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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) looks for a full-time, changeless Patent Lawyer at the Fly Impetus Lab and the Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC). The position will incorporate exhorting on government contracts, work, morals, genuine property, condition, monetary, and data law; yet to a great extent involves Protected innovation matters, for example, creations, licenses, specialized information, programming, exchange privileged insights, copyrights, trademarks, patent and copyright permitting, and joining forces concurrences with private industry and other Government offices. Compensation go is from $69,283 to $128,373 every year. Movement costs might be paid predictable with NASA’s approach.


  • Give lawful and strategy counsel and help with respect to issues emerging from the sales, grant, exchange, and organization of government contracts, assignment requests, and subcontracts identified with the task and mission of JPL.
  • Give legitimate survey and conclusion in regards to concurrences with business, instructive, and universal accomplices or other Government organizations however utilization of rules, guidelines and NASA necessities and orders.
  • Give NMO lawful audit and exhortation concerning genuine property issues identified with the NMO-oversaw genuine property, offices and activities. Renders legitimate conclusions identified with monetary and apportionments law issues emerging under the JPL contract.
  • Give lawful exhortation concerning ecological rules and guidelines as they apply to JPL land, offices and activities. Direct contract, ecological, business, genuine property and different sorts of cases settlements or suit.
  • Bolster the patent arraignment process and give legitimate guidance to program and extend supervisors and obtainment faculty in the regions of patent, trademark, copyright, permitting, creations, exchange privileged insights, and exclusive information.

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Infrequent travel might be required for preparing or other business related obligations.

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