New Era In Pakistan with entering of Chinese companies and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Chinese investment in Pakistan continues to fuel interest and hope for the country’s historically troubled economy. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project has been heralded as a game-changer, not only for Pakistan and its relationship with China, but for the region as a whole. Motorways, railways and oil and gas pipelines have been mapped out to connect the two countries, and a number of power projects have been planned for Pakistan. It is hoped that these will go some way to tackling the country’s ongoing energy crisis, which has continued to be a problem in 2015. The planned privatization of several power distribution companies has also been announced.

The Karachi Stock Exchange went from strength to strength, and remains one of the strongest in the region. The 2015 Securities Act seeks to further improve investor protection and clamp down on insider trading. Another notable legislative development in 2015 was the controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, which was announced in the spring. Opponents say the bill poses a serious threat to freedom of expression.


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