Patent Renewal and Restoration

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Intellectual Property has a number of forms and types, such as Copyright claims, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Patents, etc. Different countries have defined a set of standard procedures through which an IP is claimed and registered. This article describes How to Renew a Patent and restore it.

A Patent must be re-new the every year following the expiration of 4th year (in respect of 5th year onwards until 20th year) or the Patents Office has the right to forfeit/cancel the patent or do whatever it deems appropriate for the case accordingly.

In order to renew the patent, grantee has to fill and submit ‘Form P-12’ (Application for Renewal) before the expiration of 4th year and onward. The cost of patent renewal increases with the time since the patent was obtained.

If the patentee fails to pay the renewal fee, Patent Office withholds their patent for a period of time before it is invalidated permanently. Patentee can obtain ‘Form P-13’ (Application for Restoration) before invalidation in such case to request the restoration of patent.

After 20 years, a patent enters public domain and its research is available for everyone to improve upon, but no new patent can be granted for some research work based on a patent that has already expired.

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