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Pirated E-Book Sites: Amazon, Lee Child And John Grisham Sue’s “Kiss Library” – Raza & Assosiates

Pirated E-Book Sites: Amazon, Lee Child And John Grisham Sue’s “Kiss Library”

Categories: Asma Raza

Amazon Publishing is partnering with Penguin Random House and authors such as Lee Child and John Grisham to prosecute “pirate” sites operating under the Kiss Library brand. The lawsuit has been filed in a Washington court and affects platforms associated with Ukraine while alleging widespread and deliberate copyright infringement.

Suit More than a decade ago, music platforms like AllofMP3 had thorns with record labels and sold songs at discounted prices without a proper license.

Similar sites currently have many niches, including e-books. This is a growing problem that writers, publishers, and distributors want to alleviate in part in a lawsuit filed in Washington DC this week.

U.S. Lawsuits Are Attacking “Pirate” Sites Under The “Kiss Library” Brand Name

According to the Amazon Content Services complaint, the publisher of Penguin Random House and several authors, including John Grisham and Lee Child, point to a series of ‘pirated e-books’ under the ‘Kiss Library’ brand.

The 19-page lawsuit lists several areas (, Wtffastspring. bid,, that offer a “premium selection” of books at “unbeatable prices”. The applicants claim that this is because they are “full” of their pirated copies.

“Through the Kiss Library, the defendant acts in a disruptive and intentional manner to violate the applicant’s intellectual property rights and direct potential customers to the defendant’s websites, where the applicant’s authors and publishers do not receive fees from sale, such as buying and unloading unauthorized guns. ” “This is a complaint.

The purpose of this statement is to “decompose” the sites and remove them from the company. He accuses several people as defendants, including Rodion Vynnychenko and Artem Besshapochny of alleged Ukrainian citizens who allegedly created the library and actively use it.

Jack Brown will work as a programmer for an Australian citizen and will be a customer service representative at the Kiss Library. Together with ten other “accused Does”, Brown is allegedly collaborating with the creators of the Kiss Library to distribute the works protected by the applicants.

Contexts Of The Activities Of The Kiss Library

According to the complaint, the Kiss library first appeared on in June 2017 after being registered by Vynnychenko in Ukraine. However, due to what the plaintiffs call “new negative reviews and piracy charges,” the defendant registered new “Spiegel” sites such as,, Netz and cheap library. .com., and reportedly work outside of Canada, but complainants were unable to find relevant documents in the country. is said to be operating outside of Bulgaria, but no records were found here. Claimants’ attempts to contact them using the telephone numbers provided have failed.

Distributing Pirated Copies Does Not Comply With The DMCA

“Defendants continue to suppress, copy, display, and distribute illegal copyrighted e-books, including those created and published only by publishers, for direct financial gain from the known and unknown websites of the Kiss Library Library and other websites, “says the complaint. .

All target areas would have official DMCA agents to process the suppressed complaints, but the plaintiffs claim that the Copyright Office does not have a record. When the defendants reviewed the copyright infringement claims and examined the e-books, they appeared on the platforms soon after.

“Due to the defendant’s illegal behavior, the accused harm contributes to the sale, to potential customers, to the commissioning of authors who publish only with them, and to the commissioning and resources of clients who receive a copy from lower-level electronics to the defendant discovering and combating violations, disrupting and worsening distribution deals, brands and expected business relationships with the perpetrators and others, “he continues.

Copyright Claims

For direct and intentional copyright infringement allegations, claimants claim actual damages from the infringers or up to $ 150,000 in damages for the infringed works. A decision is also requested, including a provision to seize all copies of forged documents.

Plaintiffs allege that copyright and / or copyright infringements related to crimes committed by users of the Kiss Library have claimed actual damages from the accused, or legal damages of up to $ 150,000 per damaged workplace and similar settlement.

The lawsuit also provides for the deactivation or transfer of Kiss Library domain names to claimants and prevents commercial companies, including banks, credit card companies and payment service providers, from conducting business through the interface.

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