PTAB Organizations CBM Survey of Nasdaq Licenses Tested by MIAX

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Toward the beginning of October, the Patent Preliminary and Offer Board (PTAB) organized a progression of secured business technique (CBM) surveys on licenses possessed by American stock trade Nasdaq. The CBM audits were appealed to by exchanging stage supplier Miami Worldwide Property (MIAX) and test the legitimacy of licenses which Nasdaq has declared against MIAX in U.S. region court.

The licenses the PTAB has chosen to organize CBMs on are:

  • U.S. Patent No. 7246093, titled Computerized Trade for Exchanging Subsidiary Securities. Issued in June 2007, it covers a robotized trade for working a market to purchase or offer an amount of a money related instrument inside a market in a way that enhances liquidity and guarantees the reasonable treatment of requests.
  • U.S. Patent No. 6618707, same title as the ‘093 patent. Issued in September 2003, it covers a computerized trade for exchanging a money related instrument, particularly choices contracts, wherein the exchange might be one of a buy of an amount of an instrument and an offer of an amount of the instrument.
  • U.S. Patent No. 7921051, titled Securities-Based Request Preparing Method. Issued in April 2011, it covers a framework in an electronic securities showcase that incorporates a configurable look-into table that has task passages doling out every one of a majority of securities to at least one securities processors inside the framework.

These licenses are a piece of a progression of seven licenses stated by Nasdaq against MIAX in a patent encroachment suit documented in the Locale of New Jersey last September. In its grievance, Nasdaq noticed that MIAX propelled two alternatives trades, one of every 2012 and one of every 2017, and contracted no less than 15 “key representatives” from Nasdaq to build up those choices trades by utilizing innovation initially created by Nasdaq. “While Nasdaq built up its custom electronic exchanging innovation with managed exertion over numerous years, MIAX utilized data stolen by the previous Nasdaq representatives to alternate route the procedure and purportedly construct two equivalent electronic trades in a small amount of the time it took Nasdaq to manufacture the equivalent,” NASDAQ’s protest peruses.

The CBM surveys as of late founded by the PTAB on the previously mentioned Nasdaq licenses are testing the legitimacy of patent cases on 35 U.S.C. § 101 grounds as being coordinated to patent-ineligible topic. For instance, the PTAB’s choice to organize the CBM survey on every one of the nine cases of the ‘093 patent included a Segment 101 patent qualification test under the structure set by the U.S. Preeminent Court in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Worldwide (2014). In the initial step of that test, the PTAB established that case 1 of the ‘093 patent was coordinated to the central monetary routine with regards to executing an exchange or a request, ” a principal financial practice long pervasive in our arrangement of trade.”

The PTAB board was not induced by Nasdaq’s contention that the cases require complex programming including calculations for executing particular exchanging forms in an endorsed way, or that the cases secured completely automated frameworks which weren’t longstanding, central financial ideas, for example, were maintained by the Government Circuit in 2017’s Exchanging Advances v. CGQ, Inc. In stage two of the Alice test, the PTAB found that the tested cases just require nonexclusive and regular PC innovations including a PC interface, PC processors, terminals, clock, memory and trade PCs. Nasdaq contended that the retroactive use of CBM survey to licenses issued preceding section of the America Develops Act, which instituted the PTAB and CBM audit, was illegal, however the PTAB declined to think about the protected contention.

Alongside the three Nasdaq licenses for which the PTAB as of late established CBM audits, the other four licenses affirmed by Nasdaq against MIAX in the area court procedures have likewise been tested by MIAX at the PTAB by petitions for CBM survey on Segment 101 grounds. Those difficulties are for the most part open at the pre-organization stage.

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