Integrated A trade mark distinguishes your business and its goods or services from that of its competitors. It allows consumers to identify a particular product or service without risk of confusion. Our IPR solicitors and attorneys are fully committed to providing high quality trademark registration and trade mark search services


we offer copyright registration and protection services for your company or creative works and websites. Raza & associates have expert lawyer of IP. Copyright confers exclusive rights in relation to the use of a copyright work (for example reproduction, performance, distribution and lending rights). SERVICE OVERVIEW The purpose of copyright


Raza & Associates have expert team of Design Lawyer in Pakistan. Protecting rights of inventors and designers supports creativity and innovation. Our Design and Patent Services are structured to help our clients in being ahead of competition through protection of their creative endeavors. SERVICE OVERVIEW We have vast experience in


A patent is an exclusive right granted to the creator of an invention. Broadly put in order to acquire such protection, an invention must be technical or functional by nature; it must be novel; it must contain an ‘inventive step’ and it must have an industrial use. SERVICE OVERVIEW A


Here you can find information on family law in Pakistan. Our team of family lawyers best supports their clients in solving family law matters in Pakistan. The legal system is based on common law and Islamic law. The former has a greater impact on commercial law, while the latter has


Raza & Associates is one of the most reputable names providing services for company registration in Pakistan including all major cities. In addition to company registration in Pakistan, our range of services covers all major aspects of corporate services. SERVICE OVERVIEW Our core strategy is to set entirely new standards


Raza & Associates  is one of the top Immigration and Student consultancy firm having number of successful cases on its credit. SERVICE OVERVIEW Raza & Associates  offers wide range of services in Immigration, Visitor Visa, Study visa and foreign job recruitment. We endeavored to provide professional consultancy services to the


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a general term that refers to the consolidation of companies or assets. SERVICE OVERVIEW M&A can include a number of different transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets and management acquisitions. In all cases, two companies are involved. The term M&A also refers


Services offered to clients in relation to franchising include advice relating to the setting up, operation and management of franchises in Pakistan. SERVICE OVERVIEW The licensing requirements, the protection of intellectual property rights, investments and foreign exchange regulations, taxation and other regulatory requirements, as well as issues regarding real estate


Regardless of whether you are a large corporation, a small company, an individual, a university, a research institution or any other type of entity, intellectual property can be a very valuable asset, often one of your most valuable assets. SERVICE OVERVIEW Protecting and exploiting such an asset requires the right