Anti Counterfeit

While counterfeiting and piracy cannot be eliminated, the greatest deterrent to violators is a proactive strategy against counterfeiting and piracy. Our team is unrivaled in developing and implementing strategies to prevent counterfeiting and piracy. We work with our customers, investigators and government agencies to achieve an affordable and coordinated solution.


Steps can be taken to identify manufacturers, importers, traders, sellers, resellers and buyers of counterfeit or pirated goods and to take appropriate legal action.

In addition to our experience in dealing with traditional trade routes, we also advise on online protection against counterfeiting and piracy. This includes the use of technology to monitor the Internet and identify online sales of counterfeit or pirated goods and to violate content. Find sellers and supply chains; and identify jurisdictions and enforcement procedures.

Counterfeiting and piracy are a global problem. The digital age has brought with it many challenges and seems to know no boundaries. We work with a tight network of international specialists to advise on their jurisdiction and together we offer a truly global solution.