e-Commerce Law

Here you will find information on e-commerce law and lawyers in Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professional lawyers best supports your clients in understanding e-commerce law in Pakistan. If your goal is to protect your commercial interests online, or to design, implement, or revise your online marketing strategy, Raza & Associates lawyers are a valuable resource in protecting your website or Internet-based business. We provide your company with the tools and know-how to protect your property rights and information by designing and implementing good business practices that ward off potential litigation while making your online business more valuable.


We advise technology companies on the scope and applicability of competition and consumer protection laws to the development, sale and use of technologies. We want to ensure that the development of our customers’ online standards and the essential activities of facility management comply with these national and international laws. We also advise you on consumer protection requirements for online advertising, sales and marketing as well as on the administration and use of personal consumer data.

At Raza & Associates, we are experts in internet law and e-commerce. Our lawyers wrote, lectured and taught extensively on legal and commercial issues in both areas. We represent regional ISPs, website and online content developers, hosts, distributors and other e-commerce companies. We also advise more traditional companies on legal and political issues related to the use of existing and new technologies. We have advised on questions of electronic commerce, the management of online content, data security and data protection for owners, operators and users of proprietary data networks (e.g. intranets and extranets). We also advise you on the commercial, legal and regulatory aspects of the internet and electronics business, including the preparation of license agreements for providers and websites, as well as advice on links, framing and other questions regarding the management of online content.

Since we recognize that internet and e-commerce law affect both high-tech companies and those that offer more traditional products and services, we offer all customers the opportunity to benefit from our Internet legal review. Each audit is tailored to the customer’s specific business parameters and is designed to solve many of the current legal issues before they become significant business liabilities.

The company’s services include:

  • 1. Review, negotiate and / or elaborate a wide range of website agreements, contracts, business policies, disclaimers and disclosures;
  • 2. Monitor and evaluate your web-based business processes and website content to ensure compliance with industry best practices;
  • 3. Organize and monetize your e-commerce activities;
  • 4. Advice on compliance with e-commerce, data protection and data security, intellectual property, user-generated Safe Harbor content and consumer protection guidelines as well as the international expansion of Internet-based companies and partner programs;
  • 5. Design and document appropriate privacy and security measures that protect both your and your consumers’ privacy, including analysis of database systems; and
  • 6. Strategic advice and risk analysis.