Space Force, Star Trek, and Strange New Worlds of Trademark Infringement

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“Given the general utilization of the two denotes, the anecdotal idea of the Starfleet logo, and the absence of purpose, one makes some hard memories accepting any court would discover encroachment.”

On January 24, 2020, the United States Space Force logo hit the news — and the photon torpedoes started to fly. Instantly, those acquainted with the Star Trek Starfleet Command badge got out a striking likeness, and even George Takei (who played USS Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu) tweeted “Ahem. We are anticipating a few eminences from this… ”

Setting aside the real inception of the Space Force badge (got from the Air Force Space Command symbol), would someone be able to really guarantee that the Space Force image comprises trademark encroachment on the Star Trek logo?

Genuine Versus Fictional Clean Slates

We should begin by looking to the Seventh Circuit instance of Fortres Grand against Warner Brothers, which managed another variation of the cover among fiction and reality. As you may review, in the film The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman needs to delete her criminal history from each database on the planet, allowing her to come back to an ordinary life. The ideal device is “the fresh start,” a database hacking program by the Rykin Data Corporation. Rykin itself was anecdotal, just like the product, however certifiable enterprise Fortres Grand really was showcasing a Clean Slate programming to eradicate client action from free PCs.

Fortres Grand recorded suit against Warner Brothers for trademark encroachment, and on its intrigue to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed “invert disarray.” Fortres guaranteed that buyers would discover Warner Brothers’ utilization of the name “fresh start” befuddling, persuading that this present reality programming was associated with the film organization. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals suspected something, expressing “[w]hoever these curiously artless speculative purchasers are, Fortres Grand has not and couldn’t conceivably charge that customers are befuddled into deduction Fortres Grand is selling such a detestable hacking device authorized by Warner Bros.” Fortres Grand Corp. v. Warner Bros. Ent. Inc., 763 F.3d 696, 705 (seventh Cir. 2014).

Considering the anecdotal idea of the product and the way that the term was utilized just graphically in film exchange, the court found for Warner Brothers. In offsetting an anecdotal item with a certifiable contribution, the court expressed “[t]rademark law ensures the source-indicating capacity of words utilized related to merchandise and ventures in the commercial center, not simply the words.” As Warner Brothers didn’t offer any real help, and different components considered in trademark encroachment weren’t sufficiently able to move the needle, there was no trademark encroachment.

The Seven-Factor Test

Along these lines, shouldn’t something be said about Space Force v. Starfleet? How about we take a gander at the seven-factor test the court utilized in Fortres Grand:

  1. the level of likeness between the imprints in appearance and proposal. Do the two imprints seem comparable? Absolutely. Notwithstanding the tokens’ particular accounts, there positively is a juncture of segments and course of action.
  2. the likeness of the items for which the name is utilized. The Space Force “composes, prepares, and prepares space powers so as to secure U.S. also, unified interests in space and to give space abilities to the joint power. USSF obligations incorporate creating military space experts, getting military space frameworks, developing the military teaching for space power, and arranging space powers to present to our Combatant Commands.” The Star Trek symbol, in our genuine world, might be utilized to sell certain business items, however doesn’t really offer types of assistance identified with military space frameworks, security of the space area, or strikingly going anyplace off planet Earth.
  3. the territory and way of simultaneous use. The Space Force doesn’t just offer the administrations above. As a component of uniform improvement (and maybe brand promoting), it will offer pieces of clothing, patches, “marked” gear for its individuals and the general population, and maybe even toys and games. (Visit a nearby army installation PX, and you’ll see these accessible identified with neighborhood units and missions.) Given these contributions in reality commercial center, the cover turns into a piece more clear.
  4. the level of care prone to be practiced by customers. Are purchasers cautious in choosing who conveys space battle power? Maybe. In purchasing cool space-related or Star Trek gear? Perhaps not really. One can without much of a stretch envision the coincidental gifting of a Star Trek cap to the youngster preparing to take off to Space Force fundamental preparing.
  5. the quality [or “distinctiveness”] of the complainant’s imprint. The Space Force logo is fresh out of the box new, while the Star Trek image (or its variations) have been in the open eye since the network show dispatch in 1966. Is the Starfleet logo unmistakable? Absolutely so.
  6. real perplexity. With the Space Force logo being fresh out of the plastic new, there likely is no genuine disarray yet. The truth will surface eventually what number of those coincidental blessings get given for the current year.
  7. a plan with respect to the affirmed infringer to sell his items as those of another. While some have cried foul, and others have affirmed lethargy, contentions that the Space Force is attempting to be seen as a Starfleet offering are improbable.

Space Force Logo Trumps Fiction

Things being what they are, does the new logo encroach when seen through a trademark investigation? Improbable. Given the general utilization of the two denotes, the anecdotal idea of the Starfleet logo, and the absence of expectation, one makes some hard memories accepting any court would discover encroachment. All things considered, the Space Force trademark resistance may not be as solid as straightforward aluminum — the truth will surface eventually (except if, obviously, George Takei takes us on a slingshot move around the sun).

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