The Problem of IPR Infringement in India’s Burgeoning Startup Ecosystem

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“In 2019, where the startup space is more packed than any other time in recent memory, it is normal that India’s biological system will be overflowing with IPR encroachment cases. This ceaseless issue is exemplified by the reiteration of cases introduced before the high courts, with practically half of all IP case cases being trademark […]

Rules on Copyright Infringement for Inline Linking Developing in the United States and Abroad

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“Another European Union copyright law and late choices from the Southern District of New York and the Northern District of California recommend that what was once thought to be non-encroaching inline connecting may now require specialist organizations to get licenses or face cases of encroachment.” As the connection among copyright and the web keeps on […]

Someone Is Trying to Trademark ‘Samsung Coin.’ It’s Not Samsung

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Someone in South Korea appears to be trying to take advantage of Samsung’s blockchain efforts by nabbing the “Samsung Coin” trademark. According to filings with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), an application to register the trademark in both English and Korean was submitted on July 10 by an individual called Kim Nam-jin. The filing was made […]

Marvel Wins Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over ‘Iron Man 3’ Movie Poster

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Horizon Comics claimed a similarity between an image of Robert Downey Jr. and a drawing of the character Caliban for the “Radix” comic series Marvel Entertainment won a copyright infringement lawsuit on Monday that had claimed the company copied the design of their movie poster for “Iron Man 3” from another comic. Horizon Comics Productions […]

Little Trees sues Ryanair for Trademark Infringement

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A company whose founder created the “Little Trees” car air freshener has claimed Ryanair has infringed its registered trademark. Julius Sämann Ltd says the airline used an image for its car rental service virtually identical to Little Trees’ trademark for its product, used worldwide over as a vehicle air freshener. The Little Trees air freshener was created […]