Update Regarding coronavirus pandemic

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Since we are all faced with the uncertainty of the corona virus, we are expanding our thoughts and prayers to those who are personally affected by this pandemic. At this critical stage, it is up to each and every one of us to take care of each other to ensure the health and safety of our families, friends, colleagues and communities. We are all committed to smoothing the curve as your well-being is of paramount importance to our company.

As we continue to follow evolving stories and learn more about the COVID-19 virus, I want to assure you personally that we will continue to work to provide you with the highest level of legal services in these uncertain times.

We are working remotely through digital media to help our clients; However, we do not recommend face-to-face meetings unless they are essential to the progress of your case. We will offer alternative meeting methods, including video and conference calls, and electronic document signature. With these methods, we can continue to seamlessly handle all case-related activities, including new customer advice, customer meetings and phone calls, investigative conferences, and customer payouts. Should we be forced to close our office, we have robust technology to securely access our customer files from home and will continue to process your case with the same professionalism and the highest standards that you deserve.

The Government of Pakistan issued emergency notice regarding the disaster condition COVID-19, which authorized the courts to remotely modify or suspend certain time limits and procedures, allowing parties to participate in remote proceedings enable and take other reasonable steps to avoid detection Legal proceedings against the corona virus threat. As a result, courts are ordering to adjust their schedule to the current health crisis. We also monitor court orders and policies that may apply to your particular case, and we will keep you informed if these deadlines affect the progress of your case. In the meantime, as always, we will continue to vigorously represent your interest while complying with the mandates of the courts.

We wish your families continued safety and health and urge you to take the precautions recommended by the disease control centers to curb the spread of COVID-19 and to make plans for your own families.

As always, please contact us through email or just call us. if you have any case-specific questions or concerns.

Wishing you good health

Asma Raza ( senior corporate lawyer )

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