US Supreme Court Kills Apple’s Attempt to Dodge $440 Million Judgment for VirnetX

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“The jury grant we got, and affirmed by Federal appointed authorities, is not exactly a fourth of one percent of the expense of an iPhone. We accept this sum is more than reasonable thinking about the significance of Internet security.” – VirnetX articulation


The Supreme Court today denied certiorari in Apple, Inc. v. VirnetX, Inc. et. al., an improvement that VirnetX said in an official statement spells “triumph” for the Internet security programming organization, following 10 years in length fight.

The basic judgment was conveyed in October 2017, when the U.S. Region Court for the Eastern District of Texas expanded the measure of harms to be paid by Apple from $302.4 million of every an earlier jury decision up to almost $440 million for Apple’s encroachment of licenses covering secure correspondences in applications like FaceTime.

Apple engaged the Federal Circuit, which gave a Rule 36 judgment in January 2019 avowing the locale court. In August 2019, the CAFC denied Apple’s solicitations for rehearing, and in October the Court denied resulting movements to abandon that request and stay issuance of the order for the situation. The proper command gave on October 8, making the Rule 36 judgment last, and Apple requested of the Supreme Court on December 27.

High Court Not Moved by “Expanding Loophole” Argument

Apple contended in its appeal that the Federal Circuit “flout[ed] over a time of principle from this Court requiring “apportion[ment]” of patent harms “for each situation,” conjuring Garretson v. Clark, 111 U.S. 120, 121 (1884). In Garretson, the Supreme Court held that “a patentee can’t recuperate the whole benefit from an encroaching item as harms except if ‘the whole estimation of the entire machine * is appropriately and lawfully owing to the licensed component.'”

The organization included that case law at the Federal Circuit in the course of the most recent five years has brought about the reception of a “vast escape clause” taking into account a pestilence of expanded harms grants.

However, VirnetX answered that Apple didn’t debate that it consolidated VirnetX’s innovation into its items, in this manner encroaching VirnetX’s licenses, and said that Apple was “imagining reasons and assumed legitimate principles the Federal Circuit never embraced”.

There is a different case pending among Apple and VirnetX in which the Federal Circuit requested a recalculation of harms not long ago, making the absolute remarkable judgment for VirnetX almost $1 billion.

Apple Must Pay Up

As per VirnetX, Apple consented to an arrangement on October 16, 2017 “stipulating Apple concurs that… Apple will pay any installments then due under the Judgment inside 20 days of consummation of any intrigue from the Judgment right now, well as any procedures looking for help from the Judgment under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court of the United States, and any remand procedures in the occasion the court of claims or Supreme Court awards Apple alleviation from the Judgment, or inside 20 days of the termination of the occasions for starting such investigative or Supreme Court procedures.”

“We believe Apple will respect the choices rendered by our courts and their regarded judges and respect a consent to submit to the court’s choice,” Kendall Larsen, VirnetX CEO and President, said in an announcement.

Larsen added:

“We are incredibly satisfied with the Supreme Court’s choice not to hear Apple’s writ of certiorari. It has taken us 10 long years, 4 fruitful jury preliminaries, 2 effective Appellate Court decisions and a great Supreme Court choice to arrive. We put stock in the reasonableness of the American equity framework and have consciously played by its standards regardless of how burdensome.

We are a little organization with significant security innovation. The innovators of that innovation have senior level situations at VirnetX. It has consistently been our goal to make our own items with our exclusive innovation. Sadly, when different organizations are utilizing your innovation without authorization, you should make a move to secure that organization resource.

We have consistently accepted that we were morally justified with our court activities against Apple. Four juries and endless appointed authorities concur. We accept that our innovation gives a significant security highlight in some Apple items, particularly the iPhone. The jury grant we got, and affirmed by Federal appointed authorities, is not exactly a fourth of one percent of the expense of an iPhone. We accept this sum is more than reasonable thinking about the significance of Internet security”.


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