Why Us?

Raza & Associates helps clients in ensuring that IP assets add to the business profitability rather than to its overhead costs. We act as our clients’ partners-in-growth by providing value advice to optimize strategies for establishment, protection and leveraging IP assets.

Our services help clients focus on their core business and indulge in value addition through branding while we, as partners, provide continuous deterrence against unfair competition. We help clients manage risks of illegal use of trade marks, brand image dilution and unfair competition, through use of deceptively similar brand names, infringements and counterfeiting.

Our partnerships with clients ensure that right full profits of businesses are intact, market shares are not depleted through unfair business competition and that the businesses can focus on growth without having to worry about infringement of their IP rights.

With our extensive experience, multiple offices, ideal firm size, networking with regulators and enforcement agencies and a dedicated team, we offer customized IP solutions based on specific needs of each of our clients.

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