Power of Attorney Form

Form TM-48



Form of Authorization of Agent (Section 80, Rule 10)

I/We,    _______________________________________________________

Of:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


hereby authorize Miss. Asma Raza (Advocate High Court)

of Senior Partner at Raza & Associates

412 L,Block Phase V,DHA Lahore, Pakistan.


(as long as they remain in the employment of the said firm) jointly or severally to act as my/our agents for:




and to represent me/us in all matters in connection therewith, including the filing/defence of opposition (s) to the registration, rectification (s), renewal and generally all pre-registration and post-registration matters and proceedings. I/We authorise them or any of them to sign my/our name to such papers and writings and to do such acts regarding the same as may be necessary or expedient including sub-delegation of the authorization to any other person (s) and request that all notices, requisitions and communications relating thereto may be sent to such agents at the above address.


AND I/We hereby ratify and confirm all acts done by the said agents or any of them in respect of the said matters or proceedings, prior to this authorization.


AND FURTHER I/We hereby revoke all previous authorisations in respect of the said matters or proceedings.



Dated this             day of



(Signed)      ___________________________


Name          ___________________________


Designation ___________________________

I/We also authorise the said agents jointly or severally to complete Form(s) TM-50 requesting the entry of an address for service as part of my/our registration (s) obtained or maintained under the above authorisation.



Dated this             day of



The Registrar of Trademarks                                        (Signed)       ___________________________

The Trademarks Registry


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