Wu-Tang Clan sue dog-walking outfit Woof-Tang Clan for copyright breach

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The company, who claims walk ‘the illest group of dogs in New York City’, have been targeted by producer-rapper RZA in a trademark dispute. Wu-Tang Clan producer and rapper RZA has sued a Brooklyn dog-walking company for breach of copyright, after they named themselves Woof-Tang Clan.

Court papers stated that Wu-Tang Clan’s name and logo were “unmistakably associated” with the group since their formation in Staten Island in 1993, and that Woof-Tang Clan’s attempt to trademark their name violates the music group’s trademarks.Woof-Tang Clan is owned by Marty Cuatchon, she was aware of the challenge. As well as walking “the illest group of dogs in New York City”, he offers dog-sitting services, saying his staff are “courteous and responsible, as long as we’re in agreement that Nas’ Illmatic is the greatest album of all time”.

Cuatchon was also selling T-shirts that depicted dogs on classic hip-hop album covers by groups from De La Soul to late Wu-Tang member Ol Dirty Bastard. These have been removed from the company’s website. The Wu-Tang Clan released their latest album, The Saga Continues, last month. It is their first since their concept LP Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, in 2014. The single copy of the album was sold to disgraced pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli for $2m, before he in turn sold it on eBay.

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